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Lucky Bamboo

Other of a wide range of products which include wood luck bamboo 2 layer plant.

Wood Luck Bamboo 2 Layer Plant

Wood Luck Bamboo 2 Layer Plant
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Plant Height2 or 5 feet
Soil SpecificClay, Loamy

The lucky bamboo grown in its native country (West Africa) can grow up to 5ft tall (or much more), and as a house plant up to approximately 2 or 3 feet. There are various cultivars of this plant and some of the most interesting are the twisted stalk types which are trained by specialist growers.

Place in water or soil:

  • Dracaena braunii plants grow at their best in a pot with soil and live longer lives, however, many are grown in glass type vases which do give them a pretty cool minimalistic look. They are also grown in aquariums and sold in pet shops submersed in water or some shoots just above the water, but this is not the correct way of growing them and they can rot.






Lucky Bamboo (common). -- Dracaena Braunii, or Dracaena Sanderiana (botanical/scientific).

Max Growth (approx):

Height 3ft.

Poisonous for pets:

Not known.


Warm room temperature's and above are advised 65°F (18°C) - 90°F (32°C).

Avoid lower than 55°F/12°C in the winter.


In it's natural habitat the lucky bamboo grows under the cover of shade trees, so place

your plant in a bright spot without direct sunlight which can burn the leaves that will

mimic their natural living space.


In a vase or water type pot change the water once every 7 days with distilled or bottled

water. If your dracaena Braun vii is grown in soil (which is it's natural way of growing),

water once the soil becomes slightly dry to the touch.


A well-draining potting soil mix is advised.


Re-pot a plant living in the soil when it becomes pot bound or every 2 years. If your plant sits

in water with pebbles at the bottom for stability, re-pot to a bigger container once the

previous one becomes too small and when the pebbles and container need cleaning.

Cleaning the water container will prevent bacteria problems.


Normal room humidity is fine.


Choose and cut the biggest shoot (or shoots) available on a stalk and remove the lower

leaves from the shoot. Cut the shoot about 1 cm – 2 cm away from the stalk. Sit your

stem cutting in water for about 3 months until roots appear and then pot in soil.


Trim back shoots one or two of inches from the stalk which will encourage the plant

to grow into a nice bushy plant. If you have too many off shoots you can cut some

back near to the stalk. Do not cut stalks.

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